Cosmic Group -  Angkor Wat Time and Space, February 2017 


This artwork is derived from our intense research on Angkor Wat and the elements involved. Made into group of fine arts student, we came up with the idea of time and space of Angkor Wat. It was inspired by specific astronomical time and moment  that were subject to the basis of Angkor Wat construction. 

Three of the group members did performance on three different time which is morning, noon, and evening. Three, as a symbol of balance adds into the concept of symmetry that we want to explore along with time. The performance involved use direct hand and bodily extention painting that attempts to motion in perfect circle, marking the limits of bodily circular gesture.

The performance includes Herlene Chng, Ting Jing Yi and myself.


Interdisciplinary Project - Journey Through Angor Wat,

February 2017


Long Time No See - February 2017

As part of school project, Long Time No See is a performance arts where I was having monologue as if I was engaged in a "dialogue" with a highschool bestfriend. Having been close before, the counting months we have been parted away rise a question on the idea of permanence. During the performance "we" casually talk which led to my honest rants on growing up.

The topic of death to me (as it is to most people) shut down some parts that has been carried away with life and all the accomplishment. With the black transparent cloth implying mortality, I ironically covered issues  around growing up and real life struggle under the veil of absolute ending for all living being.

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