Hari Anjani (Anjani's days),


Focusing on the notion of exchange as a significant element throughout 5 days culture exchange with the local from Samatellu and Makassar, I reflect on my personal connection with one of the kids in Samatellu Island. Through 20 pieces of illustrative drawing portraying her ongoing daily life post our visit, I invite the audience to participate in replying to one of the 5 of her future letters "written for me" in which content is built upon fictional narrative based on the things she has said to me. With every letter participated, every audience can take one of the drawing home.

Preserving the Void, 2017

As a materiality based artwork, at the beginning there was no particular narrative intended more than what was revealed by the process. Towards the middle of the process, came the idea of using the space in between which is how the twelve small squares took place. The main artwork needs to deteriorate as the void is transferred into flat surface as perfection aimed at one defeats the other. Red being the original color of main artwork together with the texture, had transformed and destroyed into sticky brittle object as more voids in between is
preserved. The idea of preserving and destroying at the same time is what has finally become the focus, overtaking the narrative of this artwork.

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