Sahabat Peduli Indonesia is pioneered by four old friends with a diverse, strategic background to effectively handle community project development in Indonesia when the call arises.

The website was built in 2016 to promptly assist the first project, a community center at a remote island. As the team grows, so are the projects. Voluntarily driven, it focuses the documentation on Instagram that is more dynamic than website. 


However, as years go by it is only fair to give it a proper static retrospective overview it deserves. 


Its current COVID movement attracts traffic to the site, hence the urgent revamp would be for the landing and team pages, to give a proper introduction. 


Written storytelling plays a big part in this website, as each of the programs has a different nature: urgency, cause, and process (more so for the team's agile independent nature). Materials are already contained both on the old website and Instagram, that is left for synthesizing which I reckon going to take a long time. Hence content would be a gradual addition.

Essential page revamp

Overall redesign




Gradual content synthesizing


Website designer, copy editor


Landing Page Arrangement

The right impression according to SPI's nature is important. The team is not active around the clock. It is seasonally reviewed based on personal calling and capacity to ensure overall great delivery. The overview here is meant to establish trust more than ushering visitors to do something, unless it is a time of their activity.

Rather than a sense of urgency, I focused on seamless discovery of what SPI is, the nature of their work, accomplishment, and affiliation.

Stats or no stats?

Most like-services show stats on home page. While it is great to show quantified accomplishments, SPI does not have a single theme cause. hundreds of emergency post-earthquake toilets do not make it their specialty to expect the number to grow, nor that they only deal with aid relief.


Unique problem, synergy between collaborators, and its independence allow re-mapping, which made each project unique and the stats vary greatly.

The statistic is put under each project instead.

Elements of trust

Established entity and public figure had sponsored and endorsed SPI's movement. It shows successful collaboration and ​how trustworthy it is.

Landing Page

Change in Volunteer Pages

Previously, each group of first wave volunteers has a long description. Now that the site’s function shifted to not only its first project, it should include the volunteers across projects that have multiplied. To tribute by getting to know the first batch, a lead-on click is provided below.

Chunky Founder Background Description


I am spreading each founder's background on team page, as an in-depth reveal is expected here, led from the succinct display on the home page. The homework is how to make the layout pretty for the text.

"Team" Page


Landing Page

Team Page

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