Once (Excerpt)


11 minute 40 second




Initially fascinated by the insignificance of self in the memory of other individuals, my work evolved into the idea of how relationship which in itself is constituted by complicated layering, relies on recollection with all its distortion in formulating an idea of someone. The three generations involved being me, my mother, and grandmother, upon affinities and contrast suggest how one preserves presence as well as possibly being preserved themselves.


The first part of this two parted video pays homage to my mother’s past places set in her childhood stories. The video played alongside an audio of my conversation with my grandmother which led me to discover her missing recollection of my childhood days with her. The second part consist of audio clips of both my grandma and mother recorded separately that coincidentally reveals similar experience they had in the past with the very same river.


Through this work I question the nature and permanence of relationship.

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