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Ahdini Izzatika

User experience and writing currently took most of my focus. Art, however, will always be my spare time company.

After exploring different interests as my track shows, UX appeals the more I dive into it. Its broad-range expansive nature bridges my curiosity about people, design, business, and technology.

​Before I discovered UX, I have always been a "storyteller". I made scripts, edited videos, designed, painted, and wrote on my blog. As I learned, visual alone never satisfied me, hence my interest in a structured narrative as I cared more about the receiving end of my works. Idea is my strength so presentation were in constant flux from forms to medium, as I experimented and sought one that taps all the best. Finally, I settled with UX.

That aside, writing, art, and my love of film will always be cherished every step of the way, and I am looking forward to see how they would coalesce in some ways.

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Some of the great, related books I consumed.




It unpacks simple principles from the perspective of clinical psychology, philosophy, and religious reference.

This book shows the practical examples of how-to and not to get feedback. It helped me to be conscious of the nature of conversation based on intention and realign the environment, way of asking, in order to understand better and not be derailed from the main point.

It has a balanced practical and observational explanation about how we consume things as it unpacks products that have successfully hooked people, and finally how to avoid a typical blunder.

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