In Between Commonsense || Collaborative Photography Project

In between Commonsense is a collaborative photography project that explores stages of consciousness when commonsense is in absence and human are left to wonder the blurry grey area. The concept is presented through bold ambience photography. The idea of sisters with two distinct character with red thread and dominance of black was inspired by Ahdini's drawing style and some of her short stories. The collaboration combined Jaka's excellent technical photography skill, Ahdini's concept and artistic visual direction, and Yulika and Fara's excellence in getting into character.

Photography by Jaka Wiratanoeningrat

Art Direction by Ahdini Izzatika

Model 1 Annisa Shafayra

Model 2 Yulika Harly

Click the image to see complete series.

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© 2015 Ahdini Izzatika

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