In this interdisciplinary project, selected representatives of various disciplines formed a group to explore our take on Angkor Wat through coalesced skills. This particular group consists of two graphic design students, one from music, one from theatre, and one from fine arts.


It embodies the spirit of Angkor Wat that we have  studied through each of our own disciplinary research context as well as the trip we had in Siem Riep Cambodia as a group. We were inspired by its remained current spirit we got to experience where its historical past event is reflected. We were interested to bring the stories of Khmer (Cambodian) people in general that draws throughout the past fifty years, where the society dynamics was shown through series of major events that occurred where some tragedies involved.

Background Video by Ahdini Izzatika

Animation by Atrisyia and Ronald

Performance by Mikaela Daniella Perez

Music composed by Jonelle Lim

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